Vision & principles

We believe in quality of life and joie de vivre – for our guests, and for ourselves too.

Where we are going, and what we stand for

At Sunstar, hospitality, comfort, quality, reliability, cleanliness, safety and sustainability are really part of life, far more than just slogans.

1. Our objective

We believe in quality of life and joie de vivre – for our guests, and for ourselves too.  To this end we provide the best possible services for our guests while optimising them in terms of their economic, ecological and social aspects.

2. Our values

The company looks after its guests and employees comprehensively, appreciating them and treating them all as part of the Sunstar family.  In our work and in our behaviour we ensure that we pay proper attention to everyone we deal with, insisting on all-round enthusiasm, hospitality, responsibility and readiness to be of service as well as the other values mentioned in this statement of our principles.  

3. Focus on our guests

Sunstar is well known for providing first-class holidays that are full of interesting and varied experiences and opportunities; holidays at attractive prices in hotels that are managed with full regard to ecological and environmental considerations.  Our guests are very content with Sunstar.  We meet their needs and expectations, and we ensure that everyone feels at home  on our premises.  The basis for this is high quality services provided by our friendly, obliging staff.   

4. Quality

We offer high standards and take care of details.  We fulfil the performance promise that is part of the Sunstar brand as well as we possibly can.  

5. Performance and success

We aspire to be successful in terms of sustainability, measuring our consumption of resources to the satisfaction of our guests, our employees, and our investors – namely, playing our part in preserving the environment.  Because of our excellent formula the demand for our hotel services often exceeds our capacity to supply them.  We seek profitability that is attractive, and aim to increase the value of our enterprise steadily. 

6. Committed employees

The Sunstar group is a popular employer, and our employees are very happy in their jobs.  We make great demands in terms of the character, ability, application and performance of each and every employee.  We offer our staff excellent performance-related remuneration, recognition and appreciation.  We set great store by good staff relationships, with their managers and between themselves, and we encourage teamwork that goes beyond departmental and individual hotel boundaries and creates a positive, friendly working atmosphere.  We cultivate a focused and objective but collegiate management style.  We encourage above-average performance from our employees by delegating responsibility in line with their skills and abilities, and by selective further training.  Senior staff lead others by example in all respects. 

7. Efficient organisation

We set up organisations that are flexible and tuned to performance and participation.  We plan carefully and make pragmatic decisions so that our employees, finances and assets are optimally deployed.  Sometimes our solutions to problems are innovative and/or unconventional. 

8. Clear information

We ensure the information we dispense is clear, whether it is directed externally or internally.  We seek complete credibility and total trust. 

9. Responsibility for the environment and society

Sunstar is a pioneer when it comes to ecological performance in the hotel business.  We care about the environment, we deal responsibly with resources, and we give preference to products involving production methods and supply chains which we can support. We value and foster the society, culture and environment in which we operate.  It is vital that we have positive relations with the people who live near our hotels.  We involve ourselves in regional activities, and use regional products and services.   

10. Ethics and independence

We are totally committed to preserving our good reputation and our independence.  Ethical standards underpin everything we say and do.