Capital Structure

Sunstar Holding AG's current share capital amounts to CHF 80 million, divided into
77,000 'Series A' registered shares with a nominal value of CHF 1000 and 3000 'Series B' registered shares with a nominal value of CHF 1000, all of which have one voting right.

The ’Series A’ shares were traded on the securities exchange (Zurich Stock Exchange) from 1982 and, from 1996, on the SIX Swiss Exchange in the Domestic Standard segment.
On 31  October 2012 they were delisted from the SIX Swiss Exchange. Since 31 December 2012, they have been traded on the OTC-X, the Berner Kantonalbank's (BEKB) trading platform for unlisted Swiss stocks.

The unquoted 'Series B' registered shares each have an unlimited option to buy max. 10 'Series A' registered shares in the event of a capital increase (however, only 900 of them are still entitled to exercise this right).

The 80,000 issued shares are divided between about 450 shareholders. Since 2009, the majority shareholder has been Dr. Peter Grogg, Vice-President of the Management Board, with a holding of about 73%. Another important shareholder is the 100% subsidiary Ferienclub Privilège AG, with nearly 8000 shares (10%).

In addition to what is normally an attractive cash dividend, shareholders also receive other "benefits in kind", in the form of an annual hotel voucher worth CHF 40 per share which can be used in payment for the accommodation at any Sunstar hotel (catalogue/list prices, bed and breakfast basis), up to a total of 50% of the bill (with Loyalty Card up to 60%). For tax reasons, shareholder vouchers cannot be redeemed over the New Year period and between 1 February and 10 March (based on the date of arrival). These shareholder vouchers are sent out automatically, are non-transferable and expire on 20  December (last date for arrival) of the calendar year following the date of issue. Important: vouchers are only accepted on bookings made directly via Sunstar (the hotels, the Sunstar website, the Reservations Centre). They cannot be accepted on bookings made via tour operators, travel agents, Internet platforms etc.

It is also important to mention the Annual General Meeting at the Sunstar Alpine Hotel Davos, when shareholders are treated to a lunch including  drinks and a "pay for three nights, get a fourth night free" offer on accommodation at the Sunstar Alpine Hotel Davos or the Sunstar Boutique Hotel Klosters.

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