Shareholder information

Overview of the Sunstar shares

Founded 1969
Share capital CHF 80 million
Denomination 77,000 'Series A' registered shares with a nominal value of CHF 1000
3000 'Series B' registered shares, with a nominal value of CHF 1000
Listing / Trading
'Series A’
OTC-X of Berner Kantonalbank (BEKB)
Identification Security Number: 19.749.084 / ISIN: CH0197490847
Share price Current price
Annual cash dividend CHF 0 (2016) CHF 0 (2015) CHF 0 (2014) CHF 0 (2013) CHF 0 (2012)
CHF 10 (2011) (gross; subject to withholding tax)
Annual dividend in kind CHF 40 (2016) CHF 40 (2015) CHF 40 (2014) CHF 40 (2013)
CHF 30 (2012) CHF 30 (2011) in the form of shareholder vouchers
2015 price for tax purposes CHF 1'000 (31.12.2015)
Right to exercise
shareholder rights

Shareholder rights, especially voting rights and any associated rights
or subscription rights can only be exercised by the named shareholder
registered in the share register.

Dividends and discounts

Cash dividend:
Business trends permitting, shareholders receive a cash dividend This is automatically credited to your account by your bank. For two trading days after the General Meeting, the share is traded "ex-"dividend. The dividend is paid on the ex-dividend date plus three trading days.

Dividend in kind, in the form of personal shareholder vouchers:

For each registered share they own, Sunstar shareholders receive one shareholder voucher worth CHF 40 which can be used in payment for bed/breakfast (daily rate as per current price list) at all Sunstar hotels, up to a maximum of 50% (with Loyalty Card up to 60%). Shareholder vouchers cannot be redeemed at Sunstar hotels over the New Year period or between 1 February and 10 March (based on the date of arrival).

These shareholder vouchers will be sent to you automatically (for effective date see below); they are non-transferable and expire on 20  December (last date for arrival) of the calendar year following the date of issue.

Vouchers are only accepted on bookings made directly via Sunstar (the hotels, the Sunstar website, the Reservations Centre).  They cannot be accepted on bookings made via tour operators, travel agents, Internet platforms etc.  They can be combined with our Sunstar Loyalty Programme, see Loyalty Programme brochure, page 8.

Sunstar shareholders owning 10 or more shares:
For as long as they retain their shares, shareholders owning 10 or more shares benefit from a free upgrade of their Loyalty Card by one level. Depending on this level, the proportion of payment for accommodation (catalogue/list prices, accommodation incl. breakfast) that can be accepted in vouchers at all Sunstar hotels can be as much as 60%.

Purchasing Sunstar shares brings you many advantages:

  • Investment in a medium-sized, independent and traditional Swiss company which, on the one hand, is listed on the OTC-X platform of the Berner Kantonalbank, but where, on the other, the majority of the shares are still privately owned.
  • Focus on sustainability, since Sunstar is listed, for example with the Zürcher Kantonalbank, as a "Sustainability innovator".
  • Shareholder-friendly dividend policy
  • Shareholder-friendly discounting policy


Important dates for shareholders



Start of November 2016 Media release: Overnight stays in the summer season
Start of February 2017
Mailing of half-year report
30th April to 5th May 2017 Shareholder Days in Piedmont, Isola d'Asti/Italy
These special days take place in a different one of our hotels each year. With this
package, shareholders are offered an attractive supporting programme of activities at no extra charge,
including guided excursions, walks and discussions with a member
of the Management Board or with the Managing Director. Shareholder vouchers can be used
in payment for up to 50% of the cost of bed/breakfast (daily rate as per
current price list), or, depending on the Loyalty Card level, even up to 60%.
Start of May 2017 Media release: Overnight stays in the winter season
Start of September 2017 Mailing of the annual report, invitations to the General Meeting
(incl. voting card) and shareholder vouchers

27th September 2017
(last Wednesday in the month)

49th General Meeting of Sunstar Holding AG
(11.15 hrs at the Sunstar Alpine Hotel Davos)
For shareholders who would like to combine attending the General Meeting with a stay in
one of the Sunstar hotels in Davos or Klosters, there is a special offer: pay for three nights and get one free, incl. breakfast (daily rates as per current price list). Despite the special 4 for 3 offer, as an exception, shareholder vouchers can also be used. However, the Loyalty Card cannot be combined with this offer.
Ad hoc: Media releases
You can find all our media releases here. You can sign up on our website to have these sent to you automatically.



For all transactions and any questions, please contact the company's Shareholders Department:

Information sheet for shareholders

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General Meeting protocol

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