Implemented measures

Throughout the hotels

  • 100% CO2-free electricity obtained from renewable energy sources
  • No equipment (TV, computer) left on standby
  • Sunstar hotels are generally non-smoking. 100% non-smoking bedrooms. Almost all the hotels have a designated smokers’ area (fumoir)
  • Thermostats on all radiators; reduced temperature in unused rooms
  • Optimised hot water temperature (50 °C)
  • Predominantly the latest generation of double-glazed windows
  • Energy-saving lights, movement detectors
  • No air conditioning units

Guest rooms

  • Shower heads with economy sprays
  • Bed-linen and towels only changed when required or at guests’ request
  • Non-slip mats in baths
  • Minibar is switched off when the room is not in use

Quality of service

  • Survey of visitor satisfaction, detailed evaluation
  • Real holiday experience: varied weekly programme based on local culture
Continuous, honest and transparent guest information


  • Free rail ticket for travel between your home in Switzerland or the Swiss border and the hotel (for stays of 7 nights or more; direct bookings only)
  • Flexible pricing system, generous Loyalty Programme starting from your second hotel reservation and offering lots of discounts and extras; fair cancellation terms with the option of reclaiming 100% of the fee on your next booking
  • Free pickup service from the station or bus station; hotel minibuses have diesel particulate filters or electric engines
  • Partnership with local sports shops: 15% discount on ski rental and servicing
  • In Arosa, Davos and Grindelwald: sports shop in the hotel
  • Discounts on travel services all over the world


  • Printed materials are produced on FSC paper
  • Multi-use containers
  • Avoidance / sorting / recycling of waste; compactors / shredders
  • No softeners used, minimum use of chemicals
  • Few battery-powered items


  • No meat or fish from endangered species or from animals kept in inhumane conditions
  • Compliance with "Black List"/WWF recommendations on seafood
  • No growth hormones, no antibiotics
  • Regional and seasonal dishesSeveral Fairtrade products
    (coffee, orange juice, sugar, bananas, honey and chocolate)
  • Menus include wholefood and vegetarian options
  • Hotels have their own herb garden

SUNSTAR Wine Selection

Sunstar Wein Selection

“SUNSTAR Selection” - Sustainable wine drinking.

SUNSTAR's values include "an appealing Swissness" and "an ethos of sustainability". That is why, as a guest of SUNSTAR, you will be treated to high-quality regional products.

  • the wines are from the local region, so that the distance they have to travel from the vineyard to the visitor is short
  • the bottles are made of lightweight glass, which saves resources
  • the paper for the labels is FSC-certified


  • In-house technology and energy specialist, partnership with
    energy engineering companies
  • Automatic cut-off for energy guzzlers (e.g. minibar)
  • Modern heating, ventilation and cooling systems
    (e.g. Klosters and Family Hotel Davos: heating which runs on wood pellets)
  • Hotels connected to municipal district heating systems
    (Lenzerheide and Grindelwald)
  • Energy monitoring systems to control ventilation and heating temperatures
  • Heat recovery systems, heat pumps in some cases
  • Indoor pools using modern chlorination systems
  • Monthly recording of energy consumption
  • Seasonal energy reports and analyses
  • Company cars emit only 115 g/km CO2, putting them in the best
    energy-efficiency class, Class A


  • The activity programme allows time to meet local people
  • Free holidays for people from disadvantaged backgrounds,
    in partnership with Caritas
  • Defibrillators at all Reception desks
  • Employee benefits: staff surveys every season,
    profit-sharing scheme for all employees,
    further training opportunities, supply of vitamin products,
    travel discounts
  • Sunstar Employee Academy (advanced training and
    promotion system, optimised internal communication
    thanks to the Intranet, innovation management)
  • Continuous training to increase awareness among staff
    of sustainability issues