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Climate-neutral holidays

Environmental reports show that the vast majority of the global warming that has occurred in recent decades can be attributed to the greenhouse gas emissions – especially carbon dioxide (CO2) – caused by humans. Climate change (in german, french or italian) is one of the key challenges of the 21st century. Unfortunately, its effects are becoming ever more threatening. Barely a day goes by when we do not hear about natural disasters caused by extreme weather conditions or about the melting glaciers and rising sea levels.

That is why, for Sunstar, sustainability – taking account equally of economic, ecological and social criteria – is of the utmost importance, and far more than just a slogan. Sunstar has for years set itself the goal of “going the extra mile” with regard to all aspects of sustainability and in this way helping to ensure the long-term well-being of our guests, employees and Nature itself. Unspoilt scenery and distinctive cultural characteristics constitute the capital wealth of the tourist industry.

At the heart of our sustainability policy is our unique “plus point” of climate-neutral holidays. By introducing its policy of complete climate-neutrality on 1 May 2008, Sunstar Hotels became the first hotel group in the world fully to offset all the CO2 emissions from its Swiss hotels and in this way it played a vital pioneering role. For you, our guest, it entails no additional cost. What’s more, you can also opt to make your travel to and from your holiday destination climate-neutral too. 

In keeping with our strategy, we wish you a better, happier quality of life, and lots of unforgettable holiday fun in our Sunstar Hotels. Thank you for supporting our commitment to the environment, because, when it comes to sustainability, it’s up to all of us to do our bit – just as it benefits all of us.

Full carbon-dioxide offsetting for your stay in our hotels

Sunstar works with the well-known sustainability consultancy company E2 in Zurich to calculate its CO2 emissions on an annual basis. This includes not only emissions from all energy sources (electricity, gas, oil, water), but also those arising from food production, transport, cleaning waste disposal and other services. All the greenhouse gases (e.g. steam vapour, helium, methane) are converted into CO2 using a defined factor (=CO2-equivalent). All this currently amounts to 5,538 tons per year or about 19 kg per overnight stay. This is the volume that we work with the climate protection foundation myclimate to offset, in projects for particularly CO2-sensitive countries. Sunstar’s commitment helps bring about a reduction in emissions, by promoting renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies.

An overview of greenhouse gas emissions (in german)

E2: The Sunstar Partner for calculations 

Offsetting your journey 

The only things not included in Sunstar’s offsetting package are our guests’ journeys to and from our hotels, which of course vary in distance and means of transport. That is why Sunstar guests have the opportunity voluntarily to offset their own CO2 emissions, whether they arise from driving by car or travelling by plane to one of the Sunstar hotels. These contributions also go to support the same myclimate projects.

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