Sunstar's Ambassadors programme

Our way of thanking you for recommending us

Have you had some wonderful, relaxing holidays with Sunstar?

Then recommend us to your friends and family and offer them a CHF 100 hotel voucher that they can redeem on their first stay at a Sunstar hotel of their choice.

And to say thank you for your personal recommendation, for every voucher that is redeemed we will reward you with a CHF 50 Sunstar voucher for yourself!

Here's how it works:

• Sign up to the Sunstar Ambassadors programme using the form below. We will send you some "Sunstar taster vouchers" worth CHF 100 in the post.

• The taster voucher (bearing your name and address in the provided space) entitles the new Sunstar guest to a one-off price reduction of CHF 100 per double room (CHF 50.00 in a single room) on the daily rate for a stay of 3 nights or more in a Sunstar hotel of their choice (1 gift voucher per household).

• Following the departure of the newly-acquired guest, you, the ambassador, will receive your reward for having recommended them in the form of a Sunstar voucher worth CHF 50, sent by post.

Become an ambassador now!