Cooking with Corn Cobs instead of Coal
What kind of projects are supported?

This project replaces coal consumption from traditional coal burning stoves with improved clean biomass burning semi-gasifier stoves in rural households within Shanxi Province, Hubei Province and Guizhou Province in China. CO2 emissions can be avoided by reducing coal consumption by using the inner part of the corn cub for cooking. The cleaner stoves improve indoor air quality which benefits the health of the women and children.

  • 140,000 stoves have been installed in three provinces
  • 278 jobs have been created
  • More than 1.2 million tons of charcoal have been avoided since the start of the project
  • Households save USD 1,000-1,500 on fuel over the stove’s five year lifetime
  • Each stove avoids about 4.5 t CO2 per year
  • Households save EUR 80 for every Euro spent on the stove

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Sunstar sets high standards
  • Projects must be endorsed with the Gold Standard (a quality label supported by environmental organisations like the WWF and Greenpeace)
  • In addition to reducing CO2, there must be a proven additional benefit for the local population. (E.g.: job creation, knowledge transfer)
  • The project must not infringe human rights.
  • Strict due diligence ensures that experienced and trustworthy project partners are selected who work in the interest of sustainable development in their countries.
  • Financial autonomy: the projects are not supported by state subsidies.
  • Local companies are involved in implementing and monitoring the projects