It’s a kind of magic!

Make a wish!

When the first snowflakes drift down from the sky, the mountains are suddenly topped with a sprinkling of white icing sugar first thing in the morning, and our guests look forward to a wonderful day as they sip their hot chocolate, it must sometimes seem to them like a kind of magic. But, in fact, these are simply the magical moments that you can expect at Sunstar hotels in winter! Whether our guests want an active, energetic holiday, or are longing for some romantic time out together, whether they want to enjoy a few days with their family or just need a wellness break – there’s no shortage of magical winter moments here. It’s a kind of magic!

Flickering flames

When the fire crackles and the flames flicker in the fireplace, warmth and relaxation spread through the room and, as your cheeks glow, the winter cold seems far away. Discover the special magic of winter when you snuggle up in the hotel after a day out in the fresh mountain air.


Winter wonderland and cosy togetherness

Going out in the cold winter air is good for you because it stimulates the circulation. It strengthens the immune system, too, and boosts the happy hormones. Then, after a romantic excursion in the fresh mountain air, enjoy some peace and relaxation together. Soak up the warmth and recharge your batteries in the homely rooms of the Sunstar Hotel Klosters.

Sunstar Klosters - Winter magic in Klosters


Whispering snow, romantic views

Snuggled up in a blanket, close to the person you love most in the world, enjoy some romantic together time on the terrace of our hotel in Grindelwald with its stunning mountain backdrop. If the way to the heart is through the stomach, your love will have to compete with our range of culinary treats. But with the two together, you can’t fail to have a blissful time.

Sunstar Grindelwald - Winter break

Flurries of snow

Get active in the winter wonderland of the Graubünden mountains. Become one with nature and stimulate your circulation – that’s what our immune system needs.


Tracking down relaxation

When you go cross-country skiing in the Graubünden mountains, the pace of life slows and you have time to connect with nature in the most intimate way. Make your own tracks towards relaxation and then, after your whole-body workout, you’ll cross the finishing line into the oasis of wellness and culinary delights that is the Sunstar Hotel Lenzerheide.

Sunstar Lenzerheide - Cross-country skiing days


Guiding your tracks in the snow

If you’re the sociable kind, this programme of activities will satisfy all your winter wishes. Feel the snow under your feet with different kinds of footwear, and enjoy good company at the same time. Back at the hotel, you’ll find all kinds of ways to relax your body and mind.

Sunstar Davos - Winter adventure days

Happy Families

Simply concentrate on your nearest and dearest for once, leaving everything else at home – that’s what holidays with the family are all about. Fun, games and relaxation for Mum, Dad and the kids. When it’s good, it’s really good.


Winter magic for young and old

Days here end with everyone feeling enjoyably tired, just the way they should. Isn’t it high time you switched off and immersed yourself in the bubble of your family? Escape the outside world, tune in to your nearest and dearest and enjoy some exercise and relaxation – in whatever proportions you and your loved ones prefer.

Sunstar Arosa - Family skiing holidays