"More than just a trend"

Environmental research shows that greenhouse gas emissions caused by humans - and especially those of carbon dioxide (CO2) - account for the majority of global warming. Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century. Unfortunately, the implications for people, animals and the environment are becoming ever more dangerous. Hardly a day goes by when we don't hear about weather-related natural disasters, melting glaciers or rising sea levels. 

That is why sustainability is becoming more and more important to Sunstar – not only for environmental reasons but for economic and social reasons, too. For Sunstar, sustainability is more than just a buzzword. The Sunstar Hotel Group has been committed for years to going the extra mile with regard to sustainability at all levels. In this way we are helping to safeguard the long-term health of everyone, everywhere, and the wellbeing of our guests and employees in particular. Naturally, nature herself is at the heart of everything we do. The unspoilt scenery and cultural characteristics and values of a tourist destination are its most important capital assets.  

As early as November 2019, Sunstar implemented the business model of the Swiss myclimate foundation, enabling the Group to contribute even more to regional climate protection. Since 2023, we have also been part of Swisstainable, the leading sustainability label for the Swiss tourism industry as a whole.  

Under the "Cause We Care" initiative, we give our guests the option of actively making a useful contribution to climate protection by giving a voluntary donation. Sunstar Hotels doubles this contribution and uses part of it to support worthwhile climate protection projects. Sunstar invests the remaining amount in local sustainability measures.   

With the latest initiatives, our commitment is becoming even more tangible. For example, we are working with "Bienen Schweiz" to boost biodiversity by creating flowered areas that are really important for pollinators. We are also involved in woodland protection projects and, as an "Uszit-Bier" partner, are helping with eco-friendly woodland regeneration. 

We want you to enjoy the joy of life and a high quality of life – after all, that's our overall strategy – and have lots of memorable holiday experiences at our Sunstar hotels. Thank you very much for your support. Because, when it comes to sustainability, we all have to do our bit – just as we all benefit from it. 


Sustainability implemented

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What's it all about?

"Swisstainable" is a sustainability programme run by the Swiss Tourist Board that supports environmentally-friendly and sustainable practices in tourism. This programme is crucially important nowadays, because it's all about responsible tourism that protects Switzerland's unspoilt beauty.  

By participating in it, we are confirming our ongoing commitment to seven key aspects of sustainable development: mobility, water, nature conservation, air quality, food and recycling.  

Overall, "Swisstainable" is a significant initiative to promote sustainable tourism and protect Switzerland's natural resources while at the same time offering visitors to our country a worthwhile and environmentally-friendly experience. 

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«Bienen Schweiz»

Supporting biodiversity and sustainability

Here at Sunstar, we believe that we can make a tangible difference to the world around us. So we are all the more delighted to introduce to you our latest partnership, with "Bienen Schweiz" and its "flowered areas" project. The aims of the project are to promote biodiversity and environmental sustainability and to create or preserve flowered areas that provide an important habitat for bees and other pollinators. These efforts are vital if we are to protect both natural beauty and environmental balance in our local areas.  

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"Cause We Care”

Join us! Acting together for sustainability & climate protection

Using resources carefully to protect the environment is very important to us. And you can help us: as part of the myclimate "Cause We Care" initiative, we are giving you the option of making a useful contribution to environmental and climate protection by giving a voluntary donation. 

By giving just CHF 10 per booking or CHF 3 per guest per night, you will be actively helping local climate protection measures such as switching to renewable energies. Your contribution - which Sunstar doubles - is also used to support carefully selected climate protection projects to avoid or reduce emissions. Part of the sum will be used to help fund reputable climate protection projects run by the myclimate foundation. 

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I care – Book a stay with Sunstar and voluntary pay CHF 10 per booking or CHF 3 per guest and night for climate protection. Then you can be sure that your holiday is climate-neutral.

We care – Make a donation and we will double it and put both sums in the "Cause We Care" fund.

We share – That fund is used to offset the emissions from your holiday with myclimate projects. Sunstar also invests in internal climate protection measures


Climate-optimized forest management in the canton of Graubünden, Switzerland

By voluntarily avoiding the use of potential timber stocks, forestry management for this forest area in the region of Prättigau and Davos is optimised in terms of climate, and CO₂ is thus permanently removed from the atmosphere.

You can find more information about the project here.

Geothermal energy pilot project:

sustainable vegetable production using renewable geothermal heating

Family business Grob Gemüse uses heat from two boreholes to warm its greenhouses. The replacement of natural gas heating with geothermal energy helps significantly reduce CO₂ emissions generated by energy-intensive vegetable production.

Learn more about the project here.