Sustainability in action

Sunstar Hotels has been committed to sustainability in its operations and services for many years now.

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#Sustainability in action

you will find out more about sustainability measures within the Sunstar Group.

#1 Sustainability in action

Between May 2008 and October 2019, the Sunstar Hotels group fully offset all the CO2 emissions from its Swiss hotels. Since November 2019, Sunstar Hotels has been implementing a new model called “Cause We Care” run by the Swiss foundation myclimate, which it hopes will enable it to invest even more in regional climate protection. Now in 2023 Sunstar has also committed itself to be part of Switzerland’s biggest tourism sustainable label «Swisstainable». 

Under the “Cause We Care” initiative, we give our guests the option of actively making a useful contribution to climate protection by giving a voluntary donation. Sunstar Hotels will double their donation. Part of the sum will be used to support reputable international climate protection projects so that the guests’ entire stay is climate-neutral. Sunstar will invest the remaining amount in local sustainability projects.

 Sunstar is also committed to achieving a Swisstainable level 2 by the end of 2024.  

#2 Sustainability in action


When purchasing ingredients, we attach great importance to animal welfare and species protection, social responsibility and regional produce, and we use Swiss meat and certified meat from Ireland and Uruguay. Sunstar Hotels does not use meat or fish from endangered species or from animals kept in inhumane conditions. We use only fish and seafood that is MSC-certificated, that is to say, wild-caught and/or from stocks that are not overfished.

We offer a range of regional and seasonal dishes. Our menu includes whole food, vegetarian and vegan alternatives. The hotels grow fresh herbs for their guests in their own little herb gardens.

And, naturally, all our eggs and egg products come from happy free-range Swiss hens. Sunstar Hotels has been a member of the “United Against Waste” organisation since 2015 and, since 2019, has been on the “Too good to go” app.


#3 Sustainability in action

Getting there

As the slogan goes: “Let the train take the strain”.

Sunstar hotels subsidise guests’ rail tickets if they book directly with the hotel for a stay of 7 nights or more. The hotel guest can travel to and from the hotel (from a Swiss train station) by public transport with the Sunstar rail pass for only CHF 69.00/per person.

#4 Sustainability in action

Troughout the hotel

We deliberately avoid leaving computers, TVs and other electronic devices in standby mode. Sunstar hotels are generally smoke-free and 100% of bedrooms are non-smoking. Almost all the hotels have a defined smoking area (smokers’ lounge). The thermostats on the radiators can be used to lower the temperature when a room is not in use. The optimised hot water temperature reduces unnecessary energy consumption. Almost all hotel windows are fitted with the latest generation of double glazing. Energy-saving light bulbs are used to minimise power consumption.

#6 Sustainability in action


Hotel buses are fitted with diesel particulate filters. In Arosa, Davos and Lenzerheide, the hotels have their own electric buses. Our modern heating, ventilation and cooling systems (e.g. wood pellet heating in Klosters) are monitored by our own technology and energy experts and constantly reviewed for potential improvement. The hotels in Lenzerheide and Grindelwald are connected to municipal district heating systems. Energy consumption is further reduced by setting energy-guzzling devices to switch off automatically. The hotels’ energy control systems monitor ventilation and heating temperatures. Some of the hotels have heat recovery systems. Energy consumption data is collected on a monthly basis, with reports and analyses being produced seasonally, so any improvements can be implemented promptly. All the hotels have a charging station for electric cars.